Gay Teenager Kidnapped And Tortured By Russian Neo Nazi Group Is Believed To Have Died From His Injuries (Video)

Spectrum Human Rights is reporting that the young gay victim who was kidnapped, tortured and forced to come out on camera has died as a result of the injuries he sustained during his torture at the hands of a Neo Nazi group.

These Russian Neo Nazi militant groups have been advised by a top-ranking supremacist to create fake profiles on a popular Russian social network,, and lure in gay male teenagers in order to torture and humiliate them for being gay.

Over 500 online groups have been created inside social network in order to organize illegal militant groups in every Russian city.

Their enthusiastic followers have launched two well known projects: “Occupy Pedophilyaj” and “Occupy Gerontilyaj”. Allegedly they are trying to identify and report pedophiles using these “movements”.

Their true agenda is to have Russians associate pedophilia with homosexuality, by forcing all their kidnapped victims to make on camera confessions to being pedophiles all while they are being tortured and humiliated. It is also a way for these groups to gather support from Russian authorities and citizens to continue torturing and murdering their victims. In a country where only 16% believe homosexuality should be accepted, this movement is an attempt to purge Russia of homosexuals.


This latest shocking development was reported by human right activist, Dr. Valentin Degtyarev, MD, who closely monitors infamous Neo Nazi group “Occupy Pedofilyaj.”



The unnamed Uzbek victim was beaten, tortured, painted, and as seen in the picture above, drenched in urine. A translation of Degtyarev’s website, which announced the victim’s death states:

According to the assailants, they beat the victim with a bat for a few hours, cut him with a knife, stained him with paint, tore his anus with a pry bar and filled his anus with [builders expanding insulation] foam. The injuries apparently led to his death following the torture, said the bandits. The victim probably screamed and called for help, but since he did not know the Russian language well, nobody came to his aid. Also, neighbors in the building appeared to have aided the bandits in torturing the victim.


Spectrum Human Rights reports:

No arrests have been made and no charges were pressed. Putin’s law enforcement seems to fully condone these actions. Moreover, Dr. Degtyarev’s numerous written complaints to the authorities only resulted in his own persecution and threats directed at him and his 72 years old mother.


In the official correspondence from the local District Attorney office and Governor’s office it was explained that Russian authorities do not see any wrongdoings in the video clips or photographs posted by Neo Nazi group “Occupy Pedofilyaj.” Actually, the authorities referred to this group as one of the “civil movements fighting the sins of the society.” Dr. Degtyarev diligently collects every piece of evidence and correspondence and records all phone conversation with direct threats to him and his mother.


Yet, no actions from authorities have resulted so far. Dr. Degtyarev is routinely approached and offended on the street, receives numerous threats via mail, phone, SMS and email.

Below is an animated gif taken from the beginning a video of the victims torturing and kidnapping:


Occupy Pedofilyay’s quickly growing sister movement, “Occupy Gerontilyaj” (Occupy Gerontophilia), aims to catch and torture young teenage boys typically ranging in age between 15-17 who are looking to meet older men.

The video below is of a 15-year-old teen who was lured by an organized Neo Nazi gang of self-proclaimed “pedophile fighters” who posted a fake personal ad from allegedly an older man (named “Uncle Dima”). This teen was forced to give out his full name, address, school name, parents names and etc.

They laughed about his sexual preferences, bullied him, poured urine on him and kicked at the end. We would never know what occurred after the camera went out. Naturally, all his personal details were released to the general public and viewed by millions in Russia.


“Being outed in a small city or village in Russia very often means death,” says Larry Poltavtsev of the Spectrum Human Rights Alliance, a Washington, DC-based advocacy group for gay rights in Eastern Europe. “Exposed teenagers may commit suicide, or they’ll be harassed by your peers, their parents may kick them out of their house. It’s a nightmare.”

(Read more about this incident here.)

A recent poll by Pew Research Center found that three out of every four Russians say society should not accept homosexuality. The percentage of those who think homosexuality should be accepted dropped 4% since 2007, from 20% to 16%.

In March, Levada Public Opinion Center reported that 85 percent of Russian adults said they were strongly against a law that would allow same-sex marriage. They also found that supporters of same-sex marriage in Russia fell from 14% to just 5% over the past three years. On the other side of the spectrum, some expressed strong opposition to homosexuality: 16 percent of those polled suggested that homosexuals should be isolated from society, 22 percent said that the treatment of homosexuality must be made compulsory, and 5 percent said that homosexuals should be ‘exterminated.’

Update: Spectrum Human Rights (SHR) has also highlighted another disturbing case of Neo Nazis torturing and kidnapping another gay victim. SHR notes that the victim in the video is a ‘kid with disabilities.’ It must be noted that these organzied Neo Nazi gangs continue to operate within Russia in broad day light and also continue to share videos and pictures online of what they call ‘safaris’ (hunting down gay victims for torture).

And in the following video another victim is tortured and prodded with an electric stun gun:

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  1. Eric on August 6, 2013

    This is absolutely disgusting. Honestly, why are things like this allowed to happen in the world? I’m young and unfortunately ignorant of many things, but can’t some group — someone, something — do something about this outrageous and disgusting behavior? Is boycotting Russian Vodka the only thing we as people can do?

    • Max on August 7, 2013

      Other countries’ governments can’t do much about it. It would affect the entire planet if another country decided to step in Putin’s business.

      The best thing to do would be to boycott the next winter Olympics which are to take place in Russia. The amount of money they wouldn’t get from all the organization and tourism involved with the worldwide event are enormous.

      Personally, I believe every Olympics should be boycotted. I have nothing against athletes per say, but the millions of dollars being spent to make the event happen are ridiculous. Many different sectors from our societies would greatly benefit from such a big amount of money, for example health, education and poverty. That’s just my opinion though.

      • matias on August 22, 2013

        The best thing would be to stop consuming oil and gas. Russia is a major producer, and olympics are meaningless compared to actual business..

      • Mike on June 19, 2014

        Countries bid on the Olympics is an attempt to generate money through the tourism, and the event it’s self.

        It isn’t money wasted, it is an investment. It gives the country who wins the bid the opportunity to create a large amount of jobs and stimulate the economy.

        It’s pretty ignorant to think they just pay millions of dollars because they think athletics is cool.

  2. Robert on August 6, 2013

    Maybe someone should remind these backward cabbage rolls of this little gem from 1941 Germany. Check out the following link. The headline reads “Der Untermensch” which translated means “The Subhuman”. This poster was developed by the Nazi’s as a reference to – drum roll please – Russians. Apparently losing 30 million of their own people hasn’t taught the Russians a damn thing.

    • Katie on August 7, 2013

      Great minds think alike. I said the exact thing. These sub par individuals are trying to destroy the gays just like their idols once tried to destroy them.

  3. jerry Pritikin on August 6, 2013


    • Ian on August 6, 2013

      Personally, I find it difficult to take the opinions of an individual who types in all caps seriously. Although, I am impressed with the grammar and spelling.

      • Anonymous on August 8, 2013

        Your about retarded arent you. Just because something is in caps doesnt change whatis said. Let alone that your comment had nothing to do with the subject whatsoever. I feel really bad for your parents. If you can get on a news article like this and the only thing your worried about is someone’s grammer and spelling, then they did a shitty job teaching you humanities and what freud would call “your super-ego”. Grow the fuck up you pathetic worm and realize that these tjomgs happening in the world, can and will happen to you as well. Just remember that when your being tortured for your opinions and beliefs. Fuck idiot.

      • ton on August 8, 2013

        Capitals are the least of this poor victim’s worries.

    • Kay N on August 6, 2013

      We can continue to expose the abuse & educate, educate, educate. You can’t force people into right thinking but if all a person learns is hate then that’s what they live.
      Target the youth, teach acceptance & tolerance. Rescue those that are persecuted.
      Boycotting vodka ain’t it.

    • linda on August 6, 2013

      Yes ,I think we need to protest and not participate in the Olympics!!! These horrific tragedies can NOT be ignored. I will not support any country , group, or products that support the brutal torture of a human …I am sick from these videos and my soul is tormented by the suffering the victims endured!!!

    • Pixeedude on August 8, 2013

      Good luck with that, the British superiority as a chair at the ECHR and the 150,000 backlog applications currently standing. Boycott the Olympics – fuck Sotchi (eg. 2-man bobsleighing is banned coz Russian propaganda believes it means 2 men shagging), and share this on every news site in the world.

  4. Ric Dionesio Lopez on August 6, 2013

    Some Russians are Devil!

  5. HOWARD PAUL SHORE on August 6, 2013











  6. God child on August 6, 2013

    Just don’t buy things from Russia vodka like a product don’t go vacation over there and pray real hard the community Goes Down like they did these human people people like them have feelings they have rights the government should be the first one throw in jail and the guys that are doing this she served life in prison with no parole.

  7. james bletz on August 6, 2013


  8. Alionor on August 6, 2013

    This is terrible. I am from Russia, and this makes me cry. The amount of suffering that this boy had to endure is horrific. I am praying for comfort to his family and some vigilante justice to his torturers,may they burn in hell

  9. J on August 6, 2013

    In response to the statistic that 89% of the Russian public supports the new parliament vote: “In 1935, 95% of the German public supported laws against Jews Homosexuals and Gypsies.” – Anton Krasovsky, Russian political journalist and television personality who came out on-air.

    Good people must be brave and stand firm against all violent thuggery – everywhere; education and compassion are this crowded planet’s only hope.

  10. Sigmund on August 6, 2013

    Russian Neo-Nazis?
    The Nazis believed Russians were of an inferior race and hated them absolutely and spent the war blowing Russian cities up to hell. Stupid Russians don’t realize this irony. Nazis hated Russia just as much as gays.

    • Brick on August 7, 2013

      Not quite true. The Nazis didn’t think of the Russians as an inferior race. In fact they even collaborated with them in the beginning of the war. One of the reasons why Russia switched sides in WWII is that Hitler didn’t keep his side of the Hitler-Stalin-Pact concerning Poland. The only reason why Nazi Germany would hate Russia was because Russia was a communist country.

      Because WWII history was never taught the way it should have been in the Soviet era many of these kids (and adults too) have a blurred view about that time. The persecution of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals was merely a side-topic compared to the persecution of socialists and communists in Nazi Germany. So a lot of people nowadays who look back to the communist regime in Russia with grief and hatred tend to see Nazi Germany in different ways than it actually was, mostly because it fought the communist regime in the end. Similar things happened in eastern Germany after the wall came down. Only because ist merged with a democratic country things changed to the better (even though there’s still a big Nazi problem in most

  11. Eric on August 6, 2013

    Important to have a bit of background on some of the phenomena that make for a society that’s so hateful against people who would embrace a lifestyle that they would consider emasculating. In Russia, might still equals right, and any man who would willingly subject himself to playing a passive role is a scourge to society. This article explains a lot of the bitterness and humiliation that so many men carry around after compulsory military service, which in turn is translated to hatred against people who voluntarily practice same-sex activity. “Gay” by orientation is a completely foreign concept to most Russians, as it is to many conservative religious people around the world.

  12. ELY on August 6, 2013


  13. ggita stephen on August 6, 2013

    Am an openly gay man from Uganda and I have loved Russia until this i am saddened that the authorities are so ok with this that being the case i therefore put a curse on their space program while there won’t b no human casualties let the rest of it be a continuous failure

  14. lee patterson on August 6, 2013

    History repeats it’s self just in another format, we has humans say we learn from the past but truly we only move on to something else until we are put on the hot seat and the worlds sees how callus we are.
    To torcher someone for their belief, color, sexual orientation is wrong . When will humans learn? What will it take before we find are true way to the words of letting one another be and getting on with are lives, loving one another for who they are and what they may do for humanity.

  15. alex on August 6, 2013

    the blood is on Putin’s hands. This leader is shameful.

    • Anonymous on August 7, 2013

      Unfortunately Putin doesn’t give a crap and encourages such behavior. I say capture Putin and continuously rape him until he’s dead

      • MyronGains on August 10, 2013

        Wow, strong double standards you fucking moron.

  16. James Bryant on August 6, 2013

    The world is invited to Sochi, Russia to partake in the XXII Winter Olympiad. Athletes from around the globe will ascend on this city in February 2014, to attempt to bring home that illustrious Gold Medal.
    Sochi, since being awarded these games in July 2007, has spent, $10.85 Billion (US) towards the development of these games; no different than any other host city.
    The talk of boycotting these games will only go to hurt nobody else other than the athletes themselves. Those who receive no funding to be able to train and compete to become the elite of the elite of their sport.
    In 1980, the Summer Olympic Games were held in Moscow, which back then, was still part of the former USSR. For those who can remember, those games were boycotted by many countries due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; yet, the games continued.
    34 years later, and in a time where tolerance has prevailed, and the world has become more accepting of many differences, we find ourselves going back in time, in fact, to relate the actions of President Putin is liken to that of Adolf Hitler.
    Boycotting these games from countries who have nothing to lose nor gain is nothing. Many European countries still depend on Russia for many things, mostly for oil and energy. For them, to boycott these games could only lead to more difficult times after the games are over and long forgotten.
    Boycotting the sale of Russian goods, Vodka etc, is merely a penny in the pot in comparison.
    The 2010 Winter Games were hosted in Vancouver, Canada. If one wants to do fiscal damage and slap Mother Russia in the face, the IOC should approach the Canadian Government, and ask to re-host these games. The venues are still there, it may not have the same pageantry as official host city, but would definitely send a strong message that the world will not accept nor tolerate this behavior by ANY Government, regardless. For the IOC to continue with these games, will be in direct contradiction and violation of their own Olympic Charter ( The pressure should be placed on the IOC to either forgo these Olympics altogether, or to move this venue entirely.

    • steph. on August 7, 2013

      How do you get the IOC to move the venue?

  17. Aaron L on August 7, 2013

    Really horrific stuff. Unfortunate one of the Neo-Nazi torturers is wearing a Crossfit t-shirt … pretty bad PR.

  18. Jason on August 7, 2013

    The entire civilized world should completely shut out Russia, crippling its economy and destroying it as a nation. I have no tolerance or mercy for such ignorance and apologies mean absolutely nothing in cases like this.

  19. russia stinks on August 7, 2013

    All rusians are faggots, they are gayhunting cause they don’t wanna put a mark on themselves but everybody knows they are the faggots themselves

    • hmm on August 8, 2013

      I’m not sure what side you’re on.

  20. Anthony Ebejer on August 7, 2013

    This makes really sick to my stomach, you think this day and age things like this won’t happen. Russian government should be ashamed of them self!

  21. beckum on August 7, 2013

    They have to boycott the olymics for sure. I think there are a lot of players who not want to join olympics in Russia!

  22. john on August 7, 2013

    bloody sick should hunt all these groups down and show them not all gay guys are weak and will not sit back and be picked on cause he like the same sex

  23. Beth Wilson on August 7, 2013

    This is a very disturbing act of inhumanity! People are afraid of what they don’t understand! Being a pedophile & being gay are two totally different things! I am so tired of the way the world is today! If we would all treat others the way we want to be treated the world would be a lot better place! As for the religion aspect of things we are suppost to LOVE our neighbor as christ LOVED us! In other words LOVE the person not what they do!

  24. Michael on August 7, 2013

    That’s so fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!! these guys have to be punished !!

  25. marie on August 7, 2013

    I’m afraid it could be the beginning of something bigger.. they try to piss off USA in any way, first with the asylum of the whistle-blower (which I’m not against actually) and then by doing that and proudly showing it everywhere.. What will happen next, how the world will react?

  26. Devon on August 7, 2013

    Truly disturbing. This is the country that turns a blind eye to non-Russians being beaten and killed in the streets and I suspect some of these victims have been chooses for their ethnic group more then being suspected gay. It’s like the witch hunts from the Dark Ages. How the hell some countries can judge human rights in the third world or the Middle East and ignore Russia with it’s vetoing power just shows the hypocrisy in this world.

  27. christine brincat on August 7, 2013

    omg,this is so can the government of russia allow this to happen.surious action has to be done,and this has to stop.this is can anyone do something like this.

  28. Liene on August 7, 2013

    unbelivable !! what a degraded country !!! olimpics shouldnt happen in country like that . it should be sealed of if u ask me they are animals !

  29. Syl Hayward on August 7, 2013

    I could not watch the videos. Man’s inhumanity to man is hitting new depths. Sadly, something similar is also happening in Greece where “undesirables” including gays are being placed in concentration camps. It seems the IV Reich has arisen!
    I agree that the IOC should act quickly to relocate the Olympics. Russia has made it clear that their actions will not be confined to Russian citizens – so any and all Olympians are at risk – “looking gay” could apply to anyone.

    • S.D. on August 13, 2013

      Are you out of your mind? Concentration camps for gays in Greece? What kind of stupid trolling is that, you fool?

      • Dan on August 24, 2013

        It’s the truth, Turks and other people from outside of the Greek ethnic group as well as homosexuals have been sent to various camps over the last year or so when Golden Dawn got some sway in the Greek parliament, They took a huge nationalistic turn there in the same way that Russia has for the last 10 years or so.

        Damn shame, I stand with my Brothers and Sisters in arms in Russia and in Greece. Solidarity all around.

  30. N. on August 7, 2013

    It scares me how people can be. What makes me even more afraid are the happy faces of the bastards in the first picture. They do not realize how stupid they are. Being gay is not a disease, how those ‘gay haters’ act that’s a disease. That such things can happen in 2013 is unbelievable, there are so many other things going on in this world which we have no idea. But it proves that freedom is not self-evident and that humanity is disturbed.

  31. Anonymous on August 7, 2013

    I would like to meet each and every one of you and smash your hating lips into pulp until my fist looked like hamburger and not a single one of you could hurt another person again ever .

  32. Roberta on August 8, 2013

    Thank God I was raised in a culture and community where the LGBT community is highly respected…For this case may the spirit if God be with these heartless mofos…When u talk about free and equal rights Samoa is the place to be…

  33. Curt on August 8, 2013

    I couldn´t watch the vids, didn´t need to -thugs are thugs are often simpletons looking for a “leader” and a “cause”. Hitlers SA was built on the same principles and directions were given from “above” ie the Nazi Party. Is Russias political powers really condoning this? I think so, it´s away of diverting peoples attention from real issues that the government can´t handle.

  34. maxzeus1 on August 8, 2013

    Look. I have nothing against anyone. And you know I do personally disagree with what is going on. But you not having been raised in their circumstances, and there situations. Being raised in a country with a completely different state of mind. How is it that you all are so easy to judge and claim that they ate the backwards ones. I’m not saying I agree. Just that maybe you should consider that they have a different way of thinking in Russian as opposed to western civilization. You can’t just assume that we can interfere in relations withing one of the worlds super powers. Let alone one where the people don’t even disagree. If that’s what those people like. Then let them remain isolated. Let them keep their thoughts there. Because what all of you are proposing is world war three, as well as genocide of the Russian people. And in the end. That’s a lot.more people than the homosexuals located in Russia. So let the gays leave, and close the borders. There’s a solution.

  35. In Shock on August 8, 2013

    Will man’s cruelty to man never end? Will ignorance always dictate? I’m ashamed to think I belong to a species that can be so cruel. My daughter is gay and to think if she went to that cursed country…..well, just can’t imagine something like that could possibly happen to my beautiful, talented, intelligent daughter. Boycott the Olympics! Any person that closes their eyes to these atrocities and attends the games in Russia, would also watch the ovens as the Jews burned.

  36. Sasha on August 8, 2013

    I am Russian and I hate the bastards who do such things, I cry for their poor victims and pray for them… I’m a big lgbt supporter and have a lot of gay friends in Russia. But what I must say: please don’t make judgements of the whole country from these people. This is a sick minority who belongs to prison. And the ones of you who speak ill of the whole Russian society and people are nothing better than these bastards who torture gay people in Russia. What do you know about Russia? How can you judge on it when you’ve never ever stepped on its territory? Forget what you read and saw on TV, you haven’t got a clue about the people there! You can insult the government as much as you want, but don’t make conclusions about society, even if you read a book or two about Russia.
    I have lived in Moscow for 25 years, I have about 30 gay friends there, one of them runs a gay shop situated in one of the central streets in Moscow (of course, it’s hidden away from the eyes of strangers). Others just live together with their loved ones and they never had a problem. Of course, they don’t walk down the street in a t-shirt with “I’m gay” on it, they don’t hold hands and don’t kiss. It will still take one or two generations to change before the attitude towards lgbt will become normal. But it’s not people’s fault. The generation of our parents grew with the thought that anything but monogamic relation between man and woman is wrong and perverted… It’s not their fault, it was the ideology which was taught since a very young age. One can’t change their minds anymore, but the younger generation now is different. The bastards who torture gay people are the shame of the whole society, it’s same bastards who would torture puppies, little children, girls, African people and anyone who earns more or less than them, who lead a different life than them. It’s psychologically sick people who must be isolated from the normal society. Luckily, the normal society is still in a majority.
    What would you gain with your boycotts, people? You will punish normal society in Russia who has nowhere to run from the government who allows such bastards to have their freedom. And what about normal people? We also dream of a better life, a kinder society where lgbt people can love each other, where a girl can walk at night without fear to be killed, where puppies and kittens aren’t killed to keep streets clean from strays, where all races and religions can live together in peace. We also kiss our children’s forehead before they fall asleep, we also enjoy beautiful rainbows after the rain, we go to work to give our best and enjoy shopping with friends and a cup of starbucks coffee afterwards. We hate Russian tourists who are drunk and behave inappropriate in hotels, those morons are in minority but they are loud enough to make themselves noticed and remembered, sadly. We have no hate towards America or Germany, and Britain, France and Italy are adored by most of the youngsters who dream to go there. We are same as you, the rest of the world. Help us to get rid of the bastards instead of claiming how bad we all are.
    Thank for reading and kindest regards to you all x

    • Christian Sanders on August 8, 2013

      I agree with you! I have been in Russia and I value it as a great and beautiful country with many great people. I understand that the people performing these acts are a sick minority and unfortunately they exist everywhere around the world. Russia is no worse than any other country in the world. Everywhere in the world we must fight this kind of monsterous satanic people whether it is in Russia, US or in Europe.

  37. Vlad on August 8, 2013

    why is crazy anti gay neo-nazis are in the same article with anti-paedophiles?
    Im sure you can find examples like this in every country

  38. Kalmakoff on August 8, 2013

    It is shame that people read such articles and discuss such topics without deep consideration of the problem. If you knew Russian language you could get additional information about it which would give you a totally different angle аt the problem. And the problem is as following: there indeed exist such socially active communities of youth (most often students), whose aim is to find out secret pedophiles among immigrants. They create “bait”-topics on the Internet forums pretending to be little children and wait for an interested pedophile to come in contact with them for money. Usually at the meeting they shame such people, put it on video and upload into Internet and to the police. Although the guys from the article were cruel and I can’t justify their actions, the web-site, where the article appeared, is definitely not unbiased at all. They lay it very thick, which you can realise only after thorough investigation into Russian forums and opinions. The Uzbek guy wasn’t killed. And let us not mix up the notions – he was NOT a homosexualist, he was a pedophile, and it is clear from the video and the other day you will be grateful that it is such activity group who come across pedophiles on the internet and not your child.
    Moreover, it is a total nonsense that the guys are called Neo Nazis – in the video there are no symbols or phrases or actions that would prove that. The nation which defeated fascism will never become nazi themselves. All in all the web-site seems to pervert facts.
    In Russia we are quite tolerant to western values, homosexuals included. And in case America has their first gay President Russia will treat it with patience and understanding, to say nothing about any kind of boycott or hysteria like some americans show now on that website.
    Unfortunately, some things that were unacceptable several decades ago become a norm now. And the problem is that on the way of tolerance we can go too far and one day your grandson will bring home a chimp asking for your permission for their wedding, claimimg the chimp has the same rights with every person and zoophiles are just like any other person, be it homosexual or pedophile or any other person. What would you say to this?

  39. Rosemary on August 8, 2013

    What is going on in this world???? Are we stepping back in time ?????Why are those sick bastards not being brought to justice?????

  40. Stefan on August 8, 2013

    Who said they are neo-nazis? I don’t see any neo-nazi symbol after all, except for the “Heil” that pedophile was doing in the picture. And it’s annoying that this pedo is potrayed as an innocent poor little gay boy… not saying that what they did to him was right, but he was a pedophile after all….

    • Victor on August 9, 2013

      They are members of Tesak’s gang, банда Тесака in Russian. – their leader. Curiously enough, he hate Putin.

  41. Claire on August 8, 2013

    Silly question, how many people suggesting to boycott the olympics have tickets? I am guessing none of you. Tickets, travel, visas etc cost thousands that have been bought/booked months ago and are not refundable. In other words, Russia already has their money and not going would just leave those boycotting out of pocket.

  42. Ruby on August 8, 2013

    I would like to say a few words to thoese sick people in Russia I only hope and pray that justice will be served to them f or what they have done to thoese poor people. You are born into this world not by choice and that’s what happen’s to a gay person it’s not by choice, it’s not their choice to be gay or straigh or whatever you would want to name them. I can only pray for them, but thoese who have committed this alful acts of murder may you burn in HelL!!!! I am not a person that would like to see a nyone get stoned to death, but I think thoese animals deserve this teatment. Not innocent people.

  43. jeanine on August 8, 2013

    Horrific. They are even torturing him on a truck outside! Didn’t anybody see this? Didn’t anyone do anything to help?? Incredible to believe and makes one feel sick deep inside. But laws do not protect minorities – based on sexual orientation or ethnicity. Violations against humanity.

  44. Simon on August 9, 2013

    Russia should be shamed for this barbaric behaviour, get a life Russia you were once a proud nation with so much culture most of which came from gay men, Vladimir Putin has a lot to answer for, he is nothing but an ignorant, bully get rid of him and Russia will become great again!!!

  45. Anonymous on August 9, 2013

    Fuck. These nazis fucks they gonna get whats coming pusssys ..wait till they grqb the rong kid and he rips them a new one…pussys come try that shit in tdot get eaten alive pusssyssss

  46. Anonymous on August 9, 2013

    anybody knows russian? it looks like all of them speak russian and the victim as well, and they are talking about pedofilia…

    • Dude from Russia on August 26, 2013

      Do not be surprised, it’s the terriblest feature of “official homophobia” in Russia — some officials (who also are the authors of anti gay law — in particular, Vitaly Milonov and Elena Mizulina) in their political rethoric associate homosexuality with pedofilia. So, these bastards on the videos use this idea to “justify” their “struggle” against homosexuals.

  47. Jay-lee on August 9, 2013

    Those who have done any torching or any unkindness.. Are sinners and will be going to hell! You are sick in the head and deserve shooting! That poor young boy!.. And his family. Im disgusted that their are people like this on this earth. In no religion does it say its right to murder!. Or torcher!… You sad disgusting human beings! I hope you suffer for what you do.!! Freaks’

  48. Dos Vidaniya on August 9, 2013

    Thank God the United States of America is so much FURTHER ADVANCED than the Russians! This is the 21st Century and the people of Russia are still repressed by a dictatorship (Putin – former KGB ) .. Russians that fear reprisal or intimidation … Come to America …yes we are a bit overpopulated, but now you see why MOST people want to live here ? I still think they should re-open the criminal investigation of the Polish President’s plane crash. I’m sure Putin had his hand in that !

  49. Anonymous on August 10, 2013

    Occupy the Sochi 2014!

  50. Lies on August 10, 2013

    an indictment against love, terrible!

  51. rocky on August 10, 2013

    I’m so sorry you have to see this. We need to fight homophobia together

  52. From Russia on August 10, 2013

    You know i don’t read the whole text and all comments but i think its not right. The people from that video they are pay mone for participation in that expirience and its bad, very bad. And they are provocate many people for that crime – pedophilia. But i think its not rigth for civilization people to support pedophils. About homosexuals – in Russian not all to hate homosecsual because its like a sick, it not naturally and i think its right because if you are a homosexual you are will never make a family. If you are translate the word “family” “семья”-“семь я” from russian you get “seven i” seven person: child – mother – father – two grandmother – two grandfather. Homosexuals can live a full life but they do not have to say it’s good because it’s not true. It’s not natural. Of course, homosexuals can not be put in prison, as before, and to enact laws against homosexuals, but the society, including the homosexuals must be clearly aware that this is a dead end. And if you yourself are gay, you do not have to push for this vice of others peoples even more children.
    With regards to pedophiles, the video data is only aggravate the situation, because real punishment they carry, and these videos are only allowed to work out the tactics of real pedophiles as seduce children without encountering provocateurs in the face of so-called “neo-Nazis”. But these videos are quite popular. Pay money for it, so many of them staged and it is in the spirit of liberal democratic capitalism so strenuously advocated in Russia.

    • Subhankar Zac on August 11, 2013

      I m glad that you are a fascist slave of your nazi Russia, But try to preach slavery to illiterate and people who have left their use of their brains, like yourself.
      Not all of us like to be killed, or tortured or assaulted, But I m sure u do. next time it happens again in your country, please do volunteer.

  53. Subhankar Zac on August 11, 2013

    Russia is the new Nazi germany, No doubt about it. The utterly unspeakable law to ban ONLY gay relationships, while allowing EVEN INCEST IN THE COUNTRY.
    The hypocritical hateful and violent crimes that are taking place in this hell-hole is ONLY because of the Russian Orthodox Cult and The new anti-gay law.
    Amid all these the IOC’s decision to organize the winter olympics in this pit of hell is an absolute terror and a matter of great concern.
    These reports must be filed and displayed 24 hours in front of the eyes of the IOC’s authorities, so that they can rise up from their “ALL WE NEED IS MONEY” matters, and pay some attention to the grave violations of human rights n the genocidal law in this Nazi gemany.

  54. jonny playdough rovers on August 11, 2013

    but in this world created by friviless old people it is the next generations job to teach the future generations about peace/equality and diversity but this is the problem somewhere along the line the people of the world have forgotten how to be accepting towards others and because of this the world may never know peace.
    on the other hand it is not to late to change the course that this world is heading but the world leaders and the supposed important people need to put aside petty means for glamour and glitz and get down to bussiness, they need to come up with a way to put the world back on track and put cease to all of this war…. the world and its people have lost so much by this war and because of it countries and innocent people are ravedged by dispair and loss.
    therefor it is my belief that the leaders of the country are …not fit to debate world peace as they all put there countries best intrest at heary before the people who actually need the help.
    if we stopped the wars we could inevitabley change billions of lives. the money generated from stopping war could put an end to the water and food situation in other countries and help bring an end to life threatening deceases.
    what needs to be done is have the countries nominate a totally unbiased person to debate these matters and then the world should find peace.
    now i am 17 and if know that at this age and with all of these horrible acts being commited then i am sure there is some hope for the world.

  55. Archer Sterling on August 11, 2013

    This campaign would have more impact if consumers write and request contributing sponsors pull their support of the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 with the intent that support be reinstated once a new location be awarded. The International Olympic Committee has not been significantly moved by countries, athletes or public outcry. To truly move them, the money needs to be at risk. I feel our best option is to hit hard the sponsors of the event:

    Write them letters, encourage them to pull their support, use this campaign to avoid purchasing their products and let them know why. The link has a complete list of international sponsors.

    Russia’s inhumane treatment of LGBT community where beatings, murders and humiliations are ignored by the police. Defence or sane discussion of homosexuality is against the law. It is the opinion of this campaign that it is wrong to reward Russian law makers and politicians the honour of hosting an event where it’s central motivation is an nondiscriminatory competition, to “encourage and support initiatives blending sport with culture and education” and “cooperate with the competent public or private organizations and authorities in the endeavour to place sport at the service of humanity and thereby to promote peace”.

  56. Vicky Hue on August 14, 2013

    This cannot be human beings, not even an animals. I will call them monsters, as that is what they are.
    NO-ONE has the right to throw the first stone.
    You will find that these monsters has hardly an education, no self-esteem. This is a criminal offence, where ARE THE HUMAN RIGHTS groups.

  57. Marcela on August 21, 2013

    Did anybody notice something strange? Why do they focus on males only? Is women’s homosexuality more acceptable for them? Oh yes, welcome to the country where women are welcome to perform false lesbian orgies in strip-clubs but males are beaten to death for their homosexuality. Nothing is more hypocritical than this bunch of pathetic, brainless machos.

  58. vitunryssät on August 23, 2013


  59. Russian on August 27, 2013

    My dear international friends, I do respect your countries and your culture, but I really want to share my thoughts about what’s happening b/w my Motherland – Russia – and the European society.

    My Motherland is absolutely not a Europe: we have our own background, history, traditions and mentality. And, to be honest, I don’t want Europe or whatever country to dictate what we should do and how we should behave.

    Yes, our government is not perfect, so your governments are not perfect as well. We all need to make a lot for better life of our nations, but…

    About a new law that doesn’t permit LGBT-parades in Russia:

    This law was created to protect <16 years old children from any propaganda by the LGBT society (NOT AGAINST LGBT people existence!), as people in this age don't know life at all, they are not able to make a proper choice. Of-course, there are some really talented children this age, but there are not so many.

    In my mind, it is absolutely fair. Non-LGBT people don't push their children to be non-LGBT, so we don't want LGBT society to make a brainwash via parades or whatever.

    Historically, there were 'rainbow' people in Russia, but they did not go to streets and didn't scream about it. They were busy and had a lot to do like any non-LGBT people did – working, improving their education, traveling, falling in love, making friends, etc. They lived the same simple life as non-LGBT people lived.

    There are a LGBT society in Russia – I have several good LGBT friends and not only in my Motherland. There are special LGBT societies, night-clubs, dating clubs, etc. And those Russians who don't appreciate them – they just ignore them and never tried to 'punish' them or whatever. According to my Russian LGBT friends, they have not ever been violated by anyone.

    Yes, there are several groups of mental bastards who are cruel and violate LGBT people and their rights. But the same bastards violate animals, women and foreigners. And IT IS IN OTHER COUNTRIES as well, unfortunately. Even in amazing tolerant Europe and the tolerant USA.

    Moreover, modern world society appreciate LGBT as a part of our casual life, then, why do these people need any special protection or privileges?

    Instead of arguing that Russians are 'idiots', 'barbarians'', 'can't fight for their rights' and that my Motherland doesn't deserve Olympic games:

    Let's fight against cruelty and madness in this World.
    Not against each other.

    Let's be PEOPLE.

  60. Johanna on November 8, 2013

    Mensen worden geboren en gaan dood. Wat zij met hun leven doen is hen aangeleerd, meegegeven en gegeven. Mensen worden zwakker, sterker, laffer en gaan dingen doen die zich ver onder hun eigen niveau bevinden. Het zijn geen mensen meer met gevoel. Ze weten vaak niet dat dit respectabel is. Ze zijn zwak, ziek en volgen een persoon die hen zo in hen macht heeft dat ze op een eigen manier worden misbruikt. Racisme is overal ter wereld. En waarom? Voelen zij zich geweldig wanneer ze een persoon mishandelen op een wijze die zo ontzettend kinderachtig is. Waarom pakken ze niet een pistool en kaboom!? Omdat ze opgewonden raken om iemand te zien huilen, bang worden, vrezen voor hun leven. Racisten. In ieder van ons leeft een stukje racisme. Ga bij jezelf na; lach je wel eens iemand uit omdat diegene er net even iets anders dan een ‘normaal’ ‘standaard’ persoon eruit ziet? Je kunt niet nee zeggen. Zelfs gelovigen die respect zo belangrijk vinden discrimineren mensen. We willen allemaal de beste zijn. We denken steeds minder na en worden steeds dommer. We raken ons stukje respect voor de mensheid kwijt. Steeds meer en meer mensen doen er niets meer mee. Kijk naar de hogere bazen. We maken ons druk om geld, geld en geld. Een groot drama. Maar kijken we om ons heen en leven wij ons in in mensen die anders zijn, die bang zijn omdat zij niet zoals de ‘meeste’ mensen zijn? Nee, we willen wel wat doen, we kletsen de oren van onze kop en schelden elkaar verrot op al die sites. Maar durven wij wat te doen? Waarom doen wij niets. Waarom stappen we niet op mensen af wanneer wij zien dat een persoon door andere personen word uitgescholden. Omdat wij bang zijn, omdat wij vast te horen krijgen; hou je kop en bemoei je er niet mee! Wij zijn allemaal bang. Onze wereld gaat zo ten onder en dat op een vreselijke manier. Wij worden beesten. Willen wij ook hier in Nederland weer oorlog? Nee, natuurlijk niet. Oh nee? Maar hoe begint een oorlog? Ruzie maken, discriminatie, mishandeling, slaan, agenten die niets mogen doen, gevangenissen die volzitten dus ga maar weer verder met mishandelen. Ik schaam mij diep.

  61. Paweł on November 21, 2013

    Fuck russia

  62. Anonymous on February 6, 2014

    There is enough bad in the world. People need to learn to worry about themselves and not others

  63. nazi party on March 29, 2014

    who else wants to be an idiotic nazi

  64. Fuck Russia boycott the Olympic Games, dont buy Russian made products, these people are insane, look at what they are doing to the innocent human beings in Iraq, FUCK RUSSIANS, and FUCK the NAZI PARTY, I think gay guys should go under cover, and go into these NAZI fucked groups and then torture the people, that are part of this STUPID fucking barbaric crap…. Men that usually do this usually have a poor up bringing, and I mean POOR…. Fuck Russian nazi’s

  65. Kandice on June 18, 2014

    I am disgusted by the complete lack of humanity.

  66. Martin on June 18, 2014

    This makes me so fucking angry, fuck you Russian scum!

  67. Scally on June 18, 2014

    Russia will suffer for this

  68. anonymous on June 18, 2014

    U people as soo sick!!! I actually think u fear the gays!!! Why else would go thur all this trouble as a group. If u were a man at all then fight like one what do u need all your dogs for ??? U tell em jump they jump u tell them roll over they roll over seem to me you people need to get your asses fucked up real good . U wanna be a dog that fine I’ll bring both my pit bulls over to pay with u maybe they can teach u a thing or two about ducking with people thsy have nothing to do with your Nazi ass!!!! Your all gonna burn in Hell. Watch u will end up picking up the wrong person one day .. and when u do I hope he kills your asses slowly and tapes the whole thing. Your just a bunch of scared pussies.

  69. anonymous on June 18, 2014

    U people as soo sick!!! I actually think u fear the gays!!! U are all wimps !!! Why else would go thur all this trouble as a group. If u were a man at all then fight like one what do u need all your dogs for ??? U tell em jump, they jump. U tell them roll over, they roll over. Seem to me you people need to get your asses fucked up real good . U wanna be a dog that fine I’ll bring both my pit bulls over to pay with u maybe they can teach u a thing or two about fucking with people that have nothing to do with your Nazi ass!!!! Your all gonna burn in Hell. Watch u will end up picking up the wrong person one day .. and when u do I hope he kills your asses slowly and tapes the whole thing. Your just a bunch of scared pussies.

  70. JiCo on June 18, 2014

    To the person who is from Russia-

    I agree. We need to fight against cruelty and madness. But what your country is doing to these teens? That is cruelty and madness. CHILDREN. THEY ARE FREAKING CHILDREN.

    Work from within your country. Your religion says homosexuality is a sin but what DOES IT SAY ABOUT MURDER?

  71. altereye on June 19, 2014

    I think and 100% sure they are all gays. They hate gays, because they cannot express their gayness, so they hurt other gays who can freely expressed themselves.

  72. J on June 19, 2014

    At this point the US government and international peace corps organizations need to step in. If Putin is knowingly letting his people kill gays without consequence, then he is starting to follow in the steps of Adolfo Hitler. The Russian holocaust of the homosexual population has already begun and no one has stepped in to stop it.

  73. Cameron on June 19, 2014

    This is sick how dare they think they have the right do such barbaric things to gay people. They are monsters and will rot in hell.

  74. iran on August 4, 2014

    fuck russia and putin and this community leader maxim tesak!!!

  75. Darius MacShane on August 29, 2014

    I’m 6’2″ MMA, 19 yrs. old. I would love for one of these Russian MF’s pussies to try something. A single blow to one of these pussies noses, and they’ed be running home to mommy. Dah. Why aren’t Russian or international agencies acting on this. They have the pussy’s pictures–the torturers. They are all fat, ugly little weasels who wouldn’t last more than a minute with a me. Bring it on. As for this poor boy, his death demands to be investigated immediately. Fucking skinhead nazi mf are waste of skin.