Transgender Prom Queen Feels Wrath Of Hate And Bigotry After Her Historic Win

Seems like all the bigots and haters came out to rain on Cassidy Campbell’s parade after she was crowned the first transgender homecoming queen at her California high school over the weekend.


In what should have been an incredibly happy moment for the 16-year-old Huntington Beach High School student, turned into an incredibly bitter one after thousands of strangers left hate-filled messages on online message boards and comment sections.

In a video uploaded to Youtube, Cassidy breaks down and expresses how tired she is “of feeling worthless” and how she thought that winning homecoming would be the happiest moment of her life:

Why is it that I fucking won homecoming queen but I’m not happy? I’m so sad, I’m so distraught and so broken down and so upset and so deteriorated and so tired of the world. I’m tired of the lies.

In the video’s description she explained that after her homecoming win she was overwhelmed with the negative backlash:

i am usually a very strong and confident person, but i have my moments too. although there was alot was positive feedback, there was alot of negative too, and the negative affected me more than it ever has before. i recorded this because i didnt know how else to vent, i didnt want to talk to anybody.

Here is a tiny sample of the negative and downright inhumane treatment Campbell received on Buzzfeed’s story about Cassidy:
Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.03.05 PM

Watch Campbell’s youtube video below:

This is a wonderful example of someone’s ignorance being challenged by a ‘scientist’ via ABC News:
Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.19.49 PM

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  1. eric on September 23, 2013

    look you dub asses he is a she now get over it .no one knows how she feels but her .stop talking shit let her live her life the way she wants this is why people kill them self because of dumb asses .I work in a place where I have people like her come get help and its sad to see people treat then\m so bad .god loves all no matter what or who you are . get over it let her live her life and let her be happy .girl you are fucken hot as hell u go be your self love ya stay strong