Meet The Hottest Catholic Priests In Vatican City In Their New 2014 Calendar

Photographer Piero Pazzi, has delivered his annual “Hot Priest Calendar” where he has selectively photographed some of the sexiest Roman Catholic priests from Vatican City, Italy.


The annual line-up of strapping young men of the cloth is officially called the Calendario Romano, or Roman Calendar and according to Pazzi, the priests are real.


According to The Local:

Tourists can often be seen expressing dismay as they stumble across the calendar adorning gift stands close to the Vatican, before snatching a peek, handing over €10 to the vendor and scurrying off.


But the Venice-based photographer behind the calendar, Piero Pazzi, insists the portraits are purely intended to promote the Eternal City and inform visitors about the Vatican.

They are all genuine priests, usually snapped in Rome during Holy Week, he tells The Local. He also travels to Seville to capture clergymen during the Spanish city’s Holy Week procession.

“I meet most of them on the streets in Rome and ask to take their photos,” he says.


The priests do not supply their name but “most are happy to be photographed after I tell them the reason for the calendar,” adds Pazzi, who launched the calendar in 2003.

“I do the same in Seville. Yes, the men are good-looking, but it is just a product, a way for people to be better informed about the Vatican.”

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Indeed, the final few pages are dedicated to providing information about the centre of the Catholic Church, including its history of pontiffs, its museums and its chemist – “things that tourists in Rome, especially foreigners, do not have much knowledge about”.



To order the calendar, click here.

[Photo Credit: Piero Pazzi]

Let’s not forget about the 2014 Orthodox priests calendar.



Check out more photos here.

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  1. Anonymous on December 11, 2013

    Ay no! Ésto no puede ser real! Claro que son personas PERO son modelos a seguir y deben guardar pudor por lo mismo.

  2. Ramiro Portillo on April 16, 2014

    I was born a Catholic and when I got very involved with the Church I had the pleasure of meeting very good looking Priests. Many times I thought if I had his looks I would be a model, movie star. Always wondering if they were gay. I respected them as they did me. I quess to them, it was normal to be good looking and got attention and with that said, they were able to bring back the Youth/Young Adults/College students and offer them the Word-God. Being good looking had nothing to do with their decision to follow their path. My Respect, Ramiro