Shirtless Fraternity Hunks Get Each Other Wet In The Hottest Charity Car Wash Ad Ever Made!

We can’t begin to thank the following South Florida Pi Kappa Alpha (Pikes) fraternity hunks, for giving us one of the hottest homoerotic videos of the year.

The video is actually an advertisement for a car wash these University of Miami studs were having this weekend in Miami, to benefit the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

Unfortunately, the car wash has since passed but their video will live on forever, thank heavens!


Word is one of these hunks is a University of Miami football player.


Update: Sadly, the original video has been removed, but we have several hot videos of frat boys washing cars to make up for it below:


Can someone please get a hold of these guys and beg them to have a car wash at least once a month, you know, for charity!


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