Watch: Homophobe Gets Served By Trans Woman On Public Bus After Harassing Her

A drunk homophobic man received the beatdown of his life after verbally assaulting a trans woman on a Houston public transit bus.

“You think I’m gay?,” the unidentified man asks the woman. “Try it, bitch.”

We never condone violence, but we certainly think the man received exactly what he asked for.

Watch below:

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  1. GreatLakeSailor on May 17, 2014

    You go girl!

  2. Cobes on May 20, 2014

    I’m sorry, but all I see in this video are two trashy people. One man verbally assaulting a transgender and then getting hit for it isn’t going to change anyone’s views on sexual identity. He was a drunken asshole. She stooped BELOW his level. I understand that there are many frustrations for LGBT’s and I cannot wait for the day those frustrations are eliminated, but is hitting a drunkard really helping?