Teen Vine Star With 8.7 Million Followers Links Spread Of HIV To ‘Fags’

Despite the fact that one of Vine’s most followed people is just 16-years-old, we are sad to report that the teenager has decided to share a homophobic vine clip implying that gay people, or as he calls them – ‘fags’, are solely to blame for HIV and therefore the only ones who should get tested.

Nash Grier, shared the homophobic and misinformed vine clip in April to his 8.7 million vine followers, using a snippet from an Oraquick TV commercial about HIV. By comparison, Justin Bieber only has 1.7 million Vine followers.

Grier has since taken down the original video clip, but not before it was reposted by Youtuber Tyler Oakley.

“Promoting a false stereotype that HIV only affects gays to his millions of teen fans is extremely dangerous,” Oakley wrote to his followers.

Grier is also quite opinionated on the subject of gay rights and gay marriage, tweeting:

And another:

Earlier this year, MTV paid Grier to produce a Vine in fancy dress in order to advertise its show, Teen Wolf. Vine ‘celebs’ can make over $10,000 for a six-second clip endorsing a brand or product. AwesomenessTV, a channel focused on teen-created content acquired by DreamWorks last May, recently announced a movie deal with Grier and his sidekick Cameron Dallas.

In April, New York magazine published a profile titled, “Nash Grier: The Jesus-Loving Vine Star”:

Nash, who is from North Carolina, is a God-fearing Christian who frequently consults his iPhone’s Bible app while on the road. “I don’t use cuss words, I try not to do anything awful. You don’t want to lower your audience,” he says. He shares that Jesus-camp vibe with dozens of other social-media luminaries. A recent Nash video bore the caption “Y’all twerk more than you pray these days #HolyBible #GasPedal.”

If you are a follower of this homophobic teen, it might be a good time to unfollow.

UPDATE (7/9/14): Nash Grier’s father says son will atone for ‘stupid’ vine linking spread of HIV to ‘fags.’ (Click here to read.)

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  1. Heather on July 7, 2014

    This kid is a twit. A misinformed, ill mannered,badly raised twit. If I was his mother and saw this sh*t online, his ass would be redder than a fire truck in about half a heartbeat.

  2. Anonymous on July 7, 2014

    Who cares what a teenage dick head has to say straight men and women get HIV. Since are still in school do your homework everyone can get it. It is called in safe sex stupid ass and don’t work or pay bills and don’t have a wife or husband be a kid a let adults handle these type of things you have no sense in getting in to. Also who gives two fucks what a prick from vines has to say get a life grow up and stop promoting hate. Your parents must be so proud they raised a ignorant bigot ass kid congrats mom and dad just what the world needs more ignorant bigot ass holes making problems for American people who strive to make the world better that really helps. So to you little toddler I say grow up and if you don’t like it don’t look listen or talk bout it we don’t about you. Also what right do u have to say anything about any one when you look like a flaming closet case who is one fairy dust sprinkle away from gay your self don’t judge you ain’t god.

    • Lukas Harkotte on July 8, 2014

      the dangerous thing about this is that he has 8.7 Million Followers who belive in anything they see in the internet, especially if someone like this grier kid posted it.

  3. Anonymous on July 7, 2014

    I had never heard of this kid before. I just saw the pic and thought it was a cute lesbian! I’m surprised at his insensitivity bc I am sure he has received a lot of flack in HS for his perceived homosexuality.

  4. BJH on July 7, 2014

    What I wish, for this ignorant little twerp, you would not publish it. So I will leave it at that as I think I just did get my point across.

  5. Hailey on July 8, 2014

    I never liked him. I knew he was a douchebag from the start.

  6. Jay on July 8, 2014

    Two words…Beat Him!! I dont want to hear that no violence crap because some people like this little fool can only get some sense by it being knocked into him.

  7. Michael Lambe on July 8, 2014

    [Almost everyone that has commented on this]
    “oh em gee he said something hateful on the interwebs, i’ll respond with something equally as hateful because that will help alot and makes so much sense”
    *sarcasm intensifies*

  8. Emily on July 8, 2014

    This is sad on so many levels…I knew there was a reason I didn’t like him.

  9. Shay on July 8, 2014

    I knew it! That little twit. This is just sad. I never liked him. I’m glad I never did

  10. Dave on July 8, 2014

    I thought it was Ellen.

  11. Jay on July 8, 2014

    Don’t blame that poor young ignorant sod. Blame his parents for doing a bad job and having the bad taste to allow him to post stuff on the Internet just like that. Freedom of speech comes with responsibilities. He needs to be taught what that responsibility is.

  12. Anonymous on July 8, 2014

    Hey..not sayin its cool for whst he said..but isnt he right tho..when aids was first discovered it was from gays..atleast thats what i was tought in school..we saw movie on it n everything..just a question not taking sides

    • chy on July 11, 2014

      your schools sucks no aids was not a gay thing. more gay people caught it first but that dosnt mean it was from them

  13. Bill bixby on July 8, 2014

    Oh no giving a no talent ignotant teenager false fame along with a voice to other ignorant teenagers backfired, I cant believe it

  14. Troy on July 8, 2014

    he can be against gays if he wants just like i can be against tostitos. its not his fault he has so many followers and its not his responsibility to monitor what is written. u can unfollow him if u want

  15. Lauren on July 8, 2014

    First of all, Nash is a Christian and I do believe that God does not agree with gay relationships so that is where his views come from. I too am a Christian and I believe that God created man and women to populate the earth, don’t get me wrong I can accept the fact that people are gay. I also don’t see how giving a 16 year old hate is going to make it any better? It’s not going to change his opinion on gay people and gay rights. ‘Beating him’ is also not the answer because I also think that it will not change his view, as I said he’s a Christian, and we are usually brought up being taught the about the bible and what God has said.

    Nash is a vine star and the majority of his fines are comedy, has it not occurred to anyone this could have been a joke or maybe an exaggeration? And as far as I know, ‘gay’ is used a lot now days but doesn’t always refer to someone’s sexuality, nash calling his friend ‘the gayest kid I know’ is an example, it’s not him being homophobic it’s him having a joke with his friends over twitter, something many young people do now.

    I just find this whole article ridiculous and the comments even more ridiculous. His words are being twisted and he is being made out to be a bad person when he really isn’t. He’s a 16 year old boy. And I think it’s very low for some people to say that he deserves to be beaten, child abuse is not okay, and if you think it is, I think you’ll find you’re the ‘fool’.

    • Alan on July 9, 2014

      Okay, I’ll bite. How are his words being twisted? Did you hear and read them? They’re pretty point on to his feelings.

    • Will on July 9, 2014

      It is sad when a Christian choose not to teach an ignorant child about compassion in the name of God.

    • anonymous on July 9, 2014

      sweety, i hate to break it to you, but if “God” is creating people to hate, then i’m sorry but your religion is corrupt. i honestly don’t believe that any God(s) would create a group of people just to hate. and doesn’t the Christian Bible teach people to love and accept everyone? What he said was offensive to all the LGBTQ people of the world, and yes i get it a lot of people use the term gay, and quite frequently too, trust me i get it. but that still doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive. and just gonna point out: your comment is just as ridiculous as the rest of ours. the reason we have to fight for our rights is because of people like you saying all the “fags” are going to burn in hell. “God” wouldn’t allow that. i honestly mean no disrespect, but i seriously think that you’re the foolish one here. this kid needs to watch what he’s saying. i’m sure he has made some funny vines. but this is seriously pushing it.

  16. Anonymous on July 8, 2014

    Nash is anything but ugly so I don’t know where you got that idea from.. Jealous that he’s better looking than you? Jealous that he’s not afraid of what people think of him? Jealous that he’s not afraid to voice his own opinion no matter what controversy it may cause between others? Most probably.

    Giving this boy hate won’t make you a better person and he probably won’t even read it let alone care so why don’t you just leave him have his opinions and you have yours. The world would be awfully boring if we all agreed on the same things. We all need a little bit of controversy once in a while.

  17. george densley on July 8, 2014

    He doth protest too much. I sense self hatred of his own gayness here. Any movie or tv show of his should be boycotted. Waiting for his future gay sex scandal.

  18. Not needed on July 8, 2014

    LOL, oh Lauren…. You define Christian honey. If you watch this kids vines that are more recent, this kid is no christian. I do not expect you to understand the controversy being that you do not seem to well educated as to what a Christian is. The kid refers to ” fuck, hoes, and bitches” in his vines. I have to agree with the comments above that Nash has no respect nor has he been taught any…. great job parents! I’m sure he will find a great career with in our goverment.

    Moral is Lauren and NASH…. Don’t use being a Christian as a label to cover your fake life up while judging or degrading others.

    Thanks in advance!
    A Gay Catholic

    PS…. Dream Works you’re a joke.

  19. Whatev on July 8, 2014

    “Omg you can’t say shit about what I believe in or fuck you!” #librals

  20. Christian on July 8, 2014

    Oh Lauren, you said it “it’s what we are taught” at some point sweety you will be old enough to read the bible for yourself and understand what it really says, bless you honey!

  21. Who cares? on July 8, 2014

    Who cares? Unfollow him and it’s over. The kids got some funny stuff and he’s obviously got some controversial stuff. Everyone does! Get off your pedestals. Christian raised and believes what he wants, that’s what America is! Free speech and religion and belief! Proud to be American!

  22. Tim on July 9, 2014

    freedom of speech right here people will judge all day and say what he is saying is wrong but have you seen how many racist and sexist vines there are? those don’t get talked about

  23. Stacy on July 9, 2014

    1st of all the guy as anon that said HIV originated from gays?! Whatever you were taught is a lie! Leave your name you inconsiderate prick!
    2nd. This vine guy is the classic example of a kid who has no respect for anything or anyone. His lack of intelligence and respect about homosexuality and anything else in the world is the fault of his ignorant parents and himself!

  24. Anonymous on July 9, 2014

    I believe Nash should be allowed to have his own opinion toward gay rights. We live in the Untied States of America since when did having your own opinion become a bad thing? Yes I believe everyone deserves rights but what we fail to see here is the double stranded we are faced with. As soon as a straight person says anything bad about a gay person they are immediately attacked by everyone, but if a gay person says something hateful about a straight person nothing happens now why is that? Since when did the United States of America become liberal? Why can’t you say anything in todays world without “offending” somebody? Now yes the vine about gays and HIV was stupid but he is entitled to his opinion isn’t he? Don’t we have this thing called the Constitution that gives Americans rights? Isn’t the first ten amendments or Bill of Rights for us? Doesn’t the very first amendment give us the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, the freedom of religion, the freedom of expression? So yes the vine he made was misleading and stupid but if he is against gay marriage and gay rights then that is his American given right.

    • Will on July 9, 2014

      There is a difference between speaking about one’s opinion and insulting other people. Being liberal doesn’t equal to being uncivilized, nor does it equal to being ignorant and indifferent. “You are so straight” has never been a slang for “You are so stupid/dumb/pitiful/second class/etc”, yet “you are so gay” is a slang for all the bad things combined. Also, since when did gay people publicly attack straight people?

    • Tom Who on July 10, 2014

      Free Speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of saying stupid hateful things all over social media. I encourage him to freely continue sharing his views about LGBT people, it’s good to know on what side of history he will be standing.

  25. PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS on July 9, 2014

    Methinks the lady doeth protest waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much………………..

    GAYDAR MEGA PING ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS on July 9, 2014


  27. PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS on July 9, 2014


  28. butthole on July 9, 2014

    My favorite part of this is that this guy looks like every gay porn star under the age of 25

  29. Fearisslavery on July 9, 2014

    He has the right to say uninformed, idiotic, hateful things. We also have the same right to tell him his ignorant, bigoted, and to say go fuck yourself. Same rights

  30. amy on July 10, 2014

    The whole lot of those viners that he associates with are a bunch of homophobes and bigots.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG8SW72fhDc – here is his vine friend, who is a walking joke, in which he makes very bigoted statements on gay marriage

  31. Tom Who on July 10, 2014

    Who are his sponsors that pay him to make vines? Let’s find out and let them know they’re hiring a homophobic spokesperson to represent their products.

  32. GimmelYod on July 13, 2014

    I find lots of bias on both sides of such issues. What CANNOT be denies are the statistics gather by the ARC, WHO & CDC about sexually x-mitted diseases & that any guy who identifies himself as gay is a whopping +4300% more likely to be carrying a serious STD than the public at large. This gigantic reason is why the g0ys (spelled w. a zer0) movement was born. G00GLE ‘em & find out why the largest “gay-pride” parade in the world was down to only 8% of the attendance it had last year! Yeah 8% attended (about 100,000 compared to 1.5 million last year)!

  33. Y'all don't need my name on July 13, 2014

    I think Nash made comments that were unnecessary however, he is a teen boy. There’s at least 100 boys at my school who say stuff like that daily, so I don’t think it’s right to give poor Nash hate for it. Also, not everyone is going to agree with gays. Personally I have nothing against it but I don’t understand it. Is someone going to send me hate and tell me to drink bleach and kill myself and stupid stuff like that? Also, Tyler Oakely flips out over everything and makes everyone a look like a bad person. He can just shut up and quit generating drama.