Nash Grier’s Father Says Son Will Atone For Vine Linking Spread Of HIV to ‘Fags’

The father of Vine’s most followed person says his 16-year-old son will work to educate himself and others about HIV to make up for a “stupid and immature” Vine video clip that went viral this week where he linked the spread of HIV to ‘fags.’

Chad Grier claims his son Nash Grier, posted the homophobic clip in April 2013, sharing the clip with his millions of followers. Nash is currently followed by 8.7 million Viners.

Chad says his son made the clip that opens with a commercial that shows two men saying “Testing for HIV. It’s not a gay thing.” The clip then cuts to a close-up of Nash Grier yelling, “Yes it is,” adding the slur “fags.”

YouTube personality and LGBT advocate Tyler Oakley, shared the deleted Vine on Twitter Sunday. “Promoting a false stereotype that HIV only affects gays to his millions of teen fans is extremely dangerous,” Oakley said in the tweet.

We also uncovered several tweets from 2012 and 2013 in which Nash Grier used gay slurs:

Earlier this year, MTV paid Grier to produce a Vine in fancy dress in order to advertise its show, Teen Wolf. Vine ‘celebs’ can make over $10,000 for a six-second clip endorsing a brand or product. AwesomenessTV, a channel focused on teen-created content acquired by DreamWorks last May, recently announced a movie deal with Grier and his sidekick Cameron Dallas.

“Nash is not a hatemonger or a homophobe,” but there’s no excuse for posting a six-second spoof in which the teen yelled a slur against gay people, said father Chad Grier of Davidson.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The father says his son understands his use of the slur hurt people but isn’t sure how to undo the damage.

“He’s a 16-year-old kid living in LA trying to figure out this new world he’s in,” Chad Grier said.

He said his son plans to use his celebrity to spread the word about the dangers of posting things that can hurt people. He will also educate himself about HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and help spread accurate information, Chad Grier said.

“My goal is to educate myself and do something positive with what I learn,” Nash Grier tweeted Wednesday. “Again to anyone I offended, I am so, so sorry.”

Our hope is that Nash will use his ‘celebrity’ status to educate others about HIV with a PSA ad or a series of Vines about safe sex.


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  1. Adam on July 10, 2014

    This was a highly offensive vine for me as I am HIV+. Now I understand he’s a kid but still making such a comment as he did is highly offensive. After reading this article and seeing that he’s used hurtful words in many of his posts or comments previously yet this one vine is causing him to apologize!?!? It doesn’t make sense. If his endorsements had any sense they would pull him from promoting their products and completley cut him out period. He needs to learn the hard way and pay for his actions that have led up to this one vine. Had this not been posted he’d still be going on using inappropriate words against the LGBT community.

  2. Haven on July 10, 2014

    Freedom of speech is one thing, but spreading misinformation is another entirely and if this hadn’t threatened his popularity he would have kept spreading it. He’s sixteen years old and I’m expected to believe he didn’t know better? Really? His response to the ad itself shows he knew what he was saying was false and misleading. He still did it, and the only reason he’s backpedaling is because he lost some of his celebrity.
    Now if someone is told they have HIV or AIDS sleeps with another person without telling them their condition it’s consider Murder. They will go to prison, and spend the remainder of their life there because of their deceit and treachery. While what this punk did wasn’t criminal it comes rather close in my opinion, it’s nearly as bad in one regard and a thousand times worse in another.
    Sadly there are many fools in this world, and some of those fools may have taken this boys words as true, and factual. Which then places said person in grave danger, it’s like telling a child that a pill is actually candy knowing said pill will kill said child.
    My point is that this jackass did this purposely, and should lose every bit of celebrity he has because of it. Anything concerning him should by Boycotted by the LGBTI Community, and it’s allies need to band together to show we won’t stand for this treatment anymore. It won’t only teach this asshat a lesson, but will show others that this kind of irresponsible behaviour is beyond reprehensible, and carries serious consequences.

  3. PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS on July 10, 2014

    TRANSLATION OF FATHERS STATEMENT: My son is a complete asshat. He has proven that he is a twisted little hatefilled twit. We all know his statement was a steaming pile of crap. His “three months ago” comment actually had us all laughing. However because he could lose mega dollars, we are pretending he is actually a nice person and beg for your forgiveness…………..

  4. Mike on July 10, 2014

    Something about this tells me he isn’t really sorry. I don’t know, I’m not him but that apology just seems like something he was made to do by his father or something. I’m not saying that’s the case, but its what it feels like. If he’s made MANY more posts like his HIV post that are similar to that, which he sort of has (I.E. his use of “gay” in derogatory ways), then I’d think he’s received at least a little backlash from it. Maybe the only reason he took down the HIV post was because he received a lot more backlash from it than he thought he would, or he realized that he’s crossing over a huge line (not to say that his other posts weren’t crossing lines). I’m not sure what Nash Grier is thinking, mostly because I’m not him, but I don’t think his apology is genuine after seeing his other posts. I’m not saying that he should cry, but it feels like he doesn’t really either know what he did wrong, doesn’t care, or just doesn’t feel bad. I don’t know, but whatever change he makes, if he makes any at all, I hope its for the good of himself and people he’s affecting. I honestly enjoyed almost every one of his Vines and thought him to be cool and actually sort of cute up until his hateful posts came to my eye.

  5. GreatLakeSailor on July 10, 2014

    So Papa Twit says that Twit Jr. is just a kid. But Papa Twit likely knows Twit Jr. posts, makes money and is popular online. Seems like he wants it both way: Twit Jr. is too young to have developed intelligence & responsibility, but Papa Twit doesn’t monitor what Twit Jr. is posting.

    That’s pretty lame calculus. Add in that the Twits are Fundies and it is all perfectly predictable: There’s no issue until the cash flow is threatened.

  6. david silver on July 11, 2014

    Been following his and numerous other vines and you tubers for a few years to study public reception and try to discover the formula for their success…This kid is a very hard worker with a grueling schedule and a lot of pressure and responsibilities to make humorous content and attract youth followers to drive them into local convention magcon venues where their wallets can be lightened. It’s the today’s generational equivalent of teen magazines and television programs on an interactive mobile Web platform. only Nash Grier’s father child Greer solve the economic potential and quit his job in order to spend full time promoting and booking his son and about a dozen other youtubers and teen sensations. he has formed his own management company and stuffed it with dozens of tech-savvy teenagers posing as his son and other YouTube and vine celebrities to interact in real-time with millions of teens who are texting and communicating with who they think is Nash Grier and other teen celebrities when in fact it is a network of artificial personalities for the sole purpose of building brand loyalty and merchandising productsto Legion of mostly teenage girls and young gay males children the are easily influence and explainable. the father recently secured a Disney deal through a subsidiary of Pixar for a multi motion picture deal starring his son and his sidekick best friend who he is claiming is now his cousin for marketing purposes as well as hey whole stable of other YouTubers and fine sensations celebrities the whole thing is about money and you can see the core values based on the comments about f*** and AIDS 10 days and other nonsense the spheres out of this young person’s mouth he has no compassion and love other than a power and the dollar that he is generating and would not even have stopped to think about it unless pressure was put on him by his father because it is jeopardizing their endorsements and production deal this young person is full of hateand prejudice and it comes from there family is fundamental Baptist conservative values the same of it all is you can tell by the body language of Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas they are more than just friends and they have even announced today are sharing an apartment together so they can quote spend every waking moment collaborating and making Creator videos but you can’t tell in several of the videos in the hotel rooms which are borderline pornographic where Cameron Dallas is in his underwear with an erection and the other boy is flirting and playing with him it was posted for a while but eventually there was enough blowback that it was taken down but it is still in the public domain the bottom line is I agree with the prior comments this boy is so deep in the closet and reprise and has deep-seated homosexual feelings which he can’t express but they are coming out in other ways as hate and while homophobic comments which are completely accessible for anybody who is balance in their sexuality or Outlook